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I relate to all of this. Read once about IQs, a moron (80 pts.) can do well if he is helped and backed up in authority issues. Myself, with an above average IQ, am effectively a moron. In structured situations, military etc., I’ve done well. One my lonesome it HAS BEEN mayhem. I became aware of this and other symptoms well before it took a name- ADHD. People for one reason or another have been unhelpful. Side issues of 12 Step programs, co dependency, enablers, etc,. makes one wonder where a happy medium might be there as there is in my opinion too much negativity attached to human tendencies. Two people who might compliment or complete one another may both feel guilty for naturally being amiss of some anal make a million book writer, or another “counselor” failed-in their-own-relationship convincer. A friend of better than average insight once said he thought people who made money were “persistant” and “grubby.” Seems I always got derailed there. Something that mirrored my thoughts was said in the PBS special where it was said that as we can’t do it all to farm what is needed out to others. I have been attempting this to some degree but people don’t seem to respond and are just as unreliable as they were when they were needed in a more general sense. Cash could get a lot done if watched carefully for results, but having small resources it seems like the saying that I need my glasses to find my glasses. I’m keeping these ideas on the front burner and remembering things HAVE BEEN screwy. Other 12 Step axioms come to mind- a symptom of deeper ( but not insurmountable) problems, that all of our problems being of our own making being WRONG (as are so many other truisms that ring true to the masses) BUT BECOME of my own making once aware and ignored. Am I special? I dunno, but I am different and need to learn how my brain works, what my tendencies are. Please excuse me and thank you for the soapbox. Hoping the best for us all.