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Re: ADHD, Congenital Heart Defect, and Medication

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My Dr.(psychaitrist) has a theory that many people with ADHD also have heart issues

I have a right Bundle Branch Block and a pre-trigger My blood pressure is higher in my right arm then my left..

ADHD medicines can affect the heart in very different ways. In normal people it can speed things up. In ADHD it can slow them down.

Mr Dr had me monitor my blood pressure for two weeks before giving me medicine.. He wanted to know my baseline and see if there were negative effects. I purchased a very nice monitor on the internet ($50) that recorded the readings by time and then would average them out also if needed.

Before my medication i had a slow heart beat 45-60 beats per minute. Blood pressure -High – 117-125 low 79-85 . My ex-father in Law a Dr once asked how I was standing with the low heart beat.

After medication heart beat 72-78. beats per minute, Blood pressure -high 102-109 Low 72-79. So in my case heart rate up but both presures down. The heart and mind are funny things. They don’t always react according to the text book.

I intend to continue takes my ADHD medicine and occasional monitor my plood pressure. If my pulse rate is mid 50’s then my medication has worn off..

Keep looking and searching. I knew when I took the first pill there might be a risk. But my Dr gave me a very small dose for my age and weight. Everything worked out and I’m glad to have the medication. It has really helped me.