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I have organizied things I get hyper focused and get the job done at speed… If I like the idea I put on an artshow and plus I was in Judo and we had to do fun raising…. We don’t need to tell normal people that we can’t do it… I think it would be great with the compter everything is easier to arrange….. Each group can do a start up fund for this… Plus We can make it fun… We got all the information we need with the smaller groups about our systems and work things out there …Then have a weekend convetion and have a dance stand up comic’s we wouldn’t last listening to someone telling us what our systems and life stragies…. That wouldn’t work……

1… The one topic that would be good is job creations. Being our own Boss’s

2… A dance one evening stand up comedian fun stuff,Plus there are alot of people on this site that can play and have one huge jam seccion…that is what people do around here. I know people plus we would get people that do it for free because they want the pactice of playing for an aduince.

3….And visit the surrounding area’s that you visit with a charter bus…

4…. Get a few people to speak that do have ADHD and what they did to over come the opticals

5…. You look at what is going on during that weekend in your area and have free events we have alot here in Nova Scotia…

6… You have the blue festival that is held at the water front The tall ships that come

Alot can be free… We have to stop looking at our selves has faliure’s… We are not….

Each place would hold a convention and if your book in advance you can get things cheaper…

I know we could work at putting ones on in different place’s and we could validate that we can do this and being with people that are up for fun it would be a blast…. how about the first one here in Halifax Nova Scotia ….. In 2012 in the summer….

There is ways of free adiverstiments… Between face book creating awarness about ADHD in Adults…. Maybe it would make the puplic more aware….I know I can do a thing on Job creation….But we will show up because it will be fun… I got the Dr’s appointment mix up it was a week later I showed up… But never for got to show up to a good time music and having fun…Anything I was truly interested in Never forgot…. But it needs to be fun most of us have a rough life and few freinds.. It would be nice to be with people that thought like you.. Give me your thoughts on this we can just start out small and see how it goes… But I know I can do this…. I have done this in the past and I like things to be good and cheap… I can hold a fund raise with the arts I know alot of artist that might donate a piece of work and have a action on it….. There are many ways to raise money….let me know what you think, Clamdigger