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We paid a lot for my son’s appointment, though it was part covered by heath insurance. I got an assessment within 2 weeks, rather than having to wait for months to go through the public health system. Considering his issues at school (they were considering dropping him from a specialist performing arts program due to poor grades, failure to complete work, and general disorganisation) it was well worth the money to get him seen to as quick as possible.

That said, his assessment was two 2 hour appointments – one for testing and history, and one for discussing the results. It was through a psychologist. We now have an appointment with a paediatrician to discuss meds, and that’s an hour appointment that we had to wait 4-5 weeks for. But for now we have a diagnosis and school is aware, so his special entry place is safe for now, while supports are set up and he can prove himself within more suitable framework.