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Re: An actual physical casualty from ADHD

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Some friends, indeed! Don’t listen to them.

I witnessed an accident yesterday, two cars head-on, one turning left and the other trying to turn right, just past an intersection, on a Friday afternoon when people were tearing around town trying to get home or to the cottage. Friday afternoons are a good time to stay off the roads for ADDers! They were both trying to beat the oncoming traffic and were not paying attention to each other. Who knows if they were distracted by other things like cellphones, children in the back, etc. Both should be charged with careless driving as I had to slam on my brakes in wet weather to avoid plowing into them. I didn’t see it coming, my husband saw it. Put the hazards on, ran out with my cellphone, when I saw both drivers and occupants were ok, I went over to the driver’s little girl (about 7) who had been placed standing by herself at the side of the road and comforted her until her dad came back for her. She was scared to death. For the rest of the day and evening, I was really careful driving and noticed many people doing the same thing, charging through intersections, pulling out of parking lots like their hair was on fire, etc.

I put my fingers on the stove top earlier this year to check whether or not it was hot, believe it or not (my husband forgets to turn the elements off and when he does, they are still hot for some time).

You could see grill marks on my fingers from the coils. Ran to the bathroom and started running cold water from the tap on them. I had some arnica pills and arnica cream and took the arnica pills and applied the arnica cream (the skin wasn’t broken). Then I started to focus my attention on the pain (it was pretty intense at times), imagining that healing energy was flowing into that area. I had the “bandaids-without-bandaids” feeling too. I kept up the arnica all day and night (following the directions) and applied arnica cream whenever I could.

After 1 day there were no marks and I was fine. I guess it wasn’t as bad a burn as steffie’s situation, but the combination of arnica pills & arnica cream and visualization really helped.