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Re: Avoiding sex, yet addicted to sex?

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Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually going to expose myself here……………

I’m an addict myself…………. and I”ll give you one possible take or explanation.

Fresh, new, different, exciting, sensory input (I thrive on sensory overload and that’s not kidding), you always get more excited or want most something you know you can’t have. It’s the thrill of the hunt or the chase, not the kill. I find just in life in general, for me, the thrill is in the seeking, not the obtaining. Once I find my next project, gather all the parts, have experienced the hunt, when the project is near completion, I’m done, I’m bored with it, it’s now ho-hum. Not that this is directly related to your situation, because it is different, any yet, somehow related.

I would never “cheat on” my wife. However, I have no barriers in my head preventing a ‘strip club’ visit. It’s a release without other risks in a lot of ways.

And after such, frankly, I’d be SO looking forward to getting home and well, you know the rest……..

I can’t explain it well (that’s the ADD part), but for me the addiction is sort of like strong coffee, and yet unlike some poor folks, I know where it ends………. in other words, you’ll never see me up on the wanted posters as a rapist (That’s more a violence and control thing anyway, and it PISSES ME OFF the thought of rape by anyone) or for that matter, anything else, but I consider it an addiction with me – one I do have some control over.

ADD and sex- it can cause issues “at the time” because of the attention needed, the distractions. Embarrassing, but here goes – anyone ever been involved and then had a cat walk over and “MEOW!”, for me, wow, that’s a killer. Talk about distractions………. uugghh. It’s then like, ok, where was I……… hahahaha.

So, the cats get fed and the DOOR CLOSED, first. Talk about setting a mood!