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Re: Bedtime – Why do the demons come once I lay down?

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I have one of those Obus Forme Sound Makers. I usually put it on White Noise and after a few nights when the sound goes on I go out. I have no trouble going to sleep. I go around 9 pm every night and fall to sleep almost immediately most nights. Then when I wake up or am woken up in the middle of the night it is usually many hours before I can get back to sleep. I try one of my little day dreams first so that I don’t turn on the lights because once the light goes on my mind seems to go into overdrive, but if that does not work it is time to start or finish the book. If I start a book I usually read until I can’t keep my eyes open one more minute, (if it is a good book this could be when the book is finished) then I go back to sleep for an hour or two. But if it is too close to the time I have to start moving I set the alarm. I recently bought black out curtains and I really like these because now I can sleep until after the sun comes up or even get a really good afternoon nap. Before even a full moon was enough to keep me up until I literally couldn’t stay awake any more.

On another note, my dh told me yesterday that the bags under my eyes are getting really black and are starting to worry him. He even suggested that I go up for a nap and usually he is bugging me for sleeping in the afternoon. But again last night I was up at 2:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep and we had to leave the house at 8 and there was no time for a nap. We are going to a movie tonight so that means we will be driving back around 9:20 so I will unwind for the half hour in the car, (unless it is a really good movie which you have to discuss (we are going to Paul and it looks funny)) so I should be able to be in bed by 9:30 after brushing my teeth and completing the bedtime rituals. Maybe I will actually sleep until 4 or 5 tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be nice. 8)