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This is one of the few traits of ADHD I have been thankful for in my life. Being able to remain calm has made it possible for me to avoid several accidents. When something unexpected happens and I only have a second or two to respond I never panic and slam on the brakes, I calmly apply the brakes and, after quickly checking my mirror to see if I’m about to get hit from behind, I steer the car to the left or right if necessary.

My favorite “no panic” story is the one I call “My Cat the Candle.” My wife loves to burn candles for their aroma and the atmosphere they provide. One night we were sitting together on the couch watching TV when I saw my wife’s eyes grow huge and she started to babble nonsensically. I asked her what was wrong (calmly) but she just kept babbling nonsense and couldn’t get any words to come. Finally she pointed over my shoulder so I looked around. There I saw my long-haired Maine Coon cat calmly walking away, tail held high in the air on fire. I responded immediately by reaching out and snuffing the fire on the cat,s tail like you would snuff a candle wick.

Apparently he had been rubbing against the coffee table to pet himself and his tail, held high in the air as usual, dipped into the flame of the candle on the table. The cat hadn’t even realized he was on fire. He wasn’t startled until I snuffed out the fire on his tail. That caused him to run like the dickens and hide. All this happened in about five seconds. I don’t think my pulse went up a beat, whereas my wife was practically hyperventilating and couldn’t speak for a minute or two afterwords.

Ahhhhh, good times ;-)