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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

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Hey billd. I’m 60 and I’m ADD not so much (H) but I’m a tapper, table, cup, knee etc….you know what I mean. I too came to this site after watching that TV program. I wanted others views on ADD, I have a vested interest!!!. I have my own views and they are quite different than anything I have read (mainstream or saw on that program. I am retired now and a great career. I have had many ups and downs in life but so has anybody you want to talk too. “Life is like that”.

Where my thoughts differ billd, is that I think ADD is/can be a GIFT. It can be very powerful like anything else when harnessed correctly. The ADD brain for me (I can only speak for me billd) works quite differently than most of the worlds population not “Less but Different!!!

People whose thought process(s) are different than mine (maybe ours) have a hard time understanding where we come from and how we see the world. When something is different ( in a minority way ) the majority must reconcile it, and catagorize in a linear way maybe compartmentalize it is a better word so their world and what they see, makes sense to them. Are you still with me??? So what happens is the non ADD thinking people because they don’t understand who we are, and what we do, compartmentalize ADD thinking people becuase it’s different and voila we have a SYNDROM or an affliction. I don’t believe that is true….I truely don’t. I believe people whose brain works like mine are not “Less but Different”.

Here is why. We see the world different (again I will speak for me and me only) I see a very large picture that is more random than a linear person is ever capable of seeing. There are so many things I get immediately, on a large scale that a liner thought person will struggle with. I can also focus (when I want to, if I’m interested) to a far greater extent than most linear thought people can, or want to. I can draw back from that sort of hyperfocus state to the big picture at will and with clarity. People whose thought process(s) are linear are baffled by that ability. There is the GIFT billd, or one of them anyway. Question is what do you do with that, what is the gift, and what are the short coming???

Can I ask you a question…what is the source of your shortness with people?? Have you already finished the thought long before they actually said it, where you a mile ahead in the conversation??? Where you anxious to move on to the next thought?? Did you already have it but they had to drone on to finish?? It happens for me all the time….. So I wait for them to finish speaking. Are they missing the picture, and you know that before they are done speaking??? Frustration??? Hahahahahah….

If this is you I understand….. (it is me). I could go on and on about this but….you already know maybe.

billd, I was troubled by my thought process, confused, and at time felt “less” because I could not get my brain to work like those other people, until I figured out how this powerful gift works. I started looking into people who have the ADD gift and whose forethought and wide scope picture of the world etc. allowed them to do great things. So many actors artist and world movers and shakers, people who change the world not manage it day by day, have been ADD people, it’s astounding. One of the funniest comedians in the world Robin Williams is AD(H)D in action. I marvel when I watch him, he has harnessed his gift for the better. The great gift of laughter!!!

My career path led me to become a policy planner in a time of change in my industry (telecommunications). I started out a a lineman, changing jobs every two to three years gaining experience and advancing. The job I finally landed and retired from,happened because I was asked a question, and sat down and gave them my opinion and how the industry would evolve. I could immediately see how it would work years out and gave them that over view. My “GIFT”. I got the job. A few years later, I ended up being contracted by a national telecommunication conglomerate for a year to develop a strategy for the member telecommunications companies to combat the onslaught of open communications competition. I did it it worked wonderful!!! I am very proud of that!! The linear people who hired me could not fathom how I could that….what should I have said…..gee I’m ADD???

Part of the issue as I see it billd, (for me anyway, again I can’t speak for you) was in developing a sense of humour about people life and our differences. It gave me tolerance and enabled me to interact in a more socially acceptable manner to the “Linear” thinkers. My god people still think my behavior (verbally) is quite outrageous but I do it with humour, and it becomes more pallitable for them.

I don’t know what will work for you, I really don’t. That is your search. What I can share Bill, is the reason I wrote in here after watching that show was from anger and frustration. To tell me I have a SYNDROM and I need to be medicated to be like others is offensive to me. Sure there are medications to help you think more linear, I used them with good results when tasks demanded that. BUT, what got me where I needed to be was my far reaching, wide scope, instant understanding thought process, or ADD as they call it.

Anyway I have said enough, this is JUST MY STORY…….it may not apply to anyone else, I don’t profess that it does.. But I do know this…. if you tell somebody long enough there is something wrong with them they will end up believing it, and that is immobilizing, destructive and a detriment to their self-image and self-esteem, and can do them no good. But a Gift, I can work with. Show me the strength show me the YES portion and I can move in that direction. Unfortunately the school systems, which is the ticket to everything doesn’t recognize the ADD thought process and does not have a curriculum that allows people with those thinking patterns to fly…. so the alienation begins early…….it can be over come.

Not Less but Different…..