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Re: Concerta and irritability

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I guess I should have looked over the list better.. I just posted almost same question.. I am finding during the day, I am feeling ok, able to focus, feels like things are starting to fall in place and then 4 comes and I just start to twitch almost.. I am cranky.. The noise is over whelming (I have 5 children and done daycare for 13 years so I am used to noise) Things are driving me INSANE!! I can feel it happening, I try and breath and work through it.. but I cant.. I have only been on couple weeks now and just cant do it.. I dont feel like its worth it?? I was hesitant to try meds and now feel like running in other direction.. (I have been searching the internet to see if it was a side effect and is scaring me more than before) Looking forward to hearing other opinions and stories… Does it fade?? does too high? too low??