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Re: Dealing with Anger / Crankiness

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I have the same problem with anger/temper/agitation. Two things that have worked for me are, First, my doctor put me meds for the agitation. I take Lamictal and Respiridone (U.S. names). These really help me with “catching myself” before the explosion. I can take additional Respiridone prior to a situation (spouse) that I know there is a good possibility of losing my cool. My wife can tell if I have not taken my meds in the A.M. or if I need to take another dose of the Respiridone, then wait 30 – 45 minutes to resume the “discussion”. Second, when I am still losing my temper, I visualize myself as water. I imagine that after going over the waterfall, I am the calm pool below. I close my eyes,take some deep breaths and relax while thinking of that flat calm and soothing water.