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Re: Dealing with Anger / Crankiness

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IMHO dogs are simple to work with because they are intelligent and don’t get hung up on what they can’t do. Redirect the barking, wait for a moment of calm and reward that. Repeat until they look at you and can look at you for 10 seconds without a reward, then phase out the reward. Do this every day with no exceptions when they bark out of control, and in less then a month they will “get it” and have learned some impulse control. What I believe you are talking about is poor impulse control and not accepting that we do have control over this. If I thought I couldn’t teach a dog to stop barking at everything I would fail, but I believe I can and can picture the result I want making it possible. The rest is up to me to have the commitment and patience to do it by focusing on what is possible not what I think is impossible.