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Re: Diagnosed with ADHD in UK, moving to Canada

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Welcome to Canada ..sort of . :)

Do you know where you are moving to … what area of Montreal etc … you might want to use the Net and search for doctors in

the new area that are taking patients. We did that when we moved to BC Canada, made things easier.

Every province in Canada has private practice psychiatrists .. they tend to be in major cities .. like Vancouver, Toronto, London, etc.

Each province has some sort of Healthcare that incorporates some forms of mental healthcare .. what kinds varies with

the province … again use the internet.

As an example, a pair of solid ADHD, private practice, psychiatrists have offices in Barrie and Stratford in Ontario .. the size and location of those towns, should suggest that Montreal will have at least one or two.

If you can find a doctor in PQ, and once you have emailed and found out if you can become a patient, it should be

fairly simple to send your psychiatrists’ information to the prospective doctor and find out if you can get your meds filled

or if there are problems … the only issue I found in parts of Montreal and the rest Canada is that healthcare has deteriorated

and services are strained to say the least.

I prefer the west coast … but then I am not a fan of winter, so Victoria suits us … there are shrinks private and public and

coaches and all of it is available here .. internet search in Montreal, adhd groups, doctors, clinics would be best bet.

good luck .. i miss York, a lovely place for a pint and a bowl.