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Re: Diagnosis confirmed today

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First day on Ritalin was a success as far as I’m concerned. Noticeable difference in focus and attention to detail. Did not feel as though I was trying to hang on to a bunch of greased rattlesnakes while trying to think about things. Just thought about them and was able to do them without spacing out. Here’s hoping that things continue to go smoothly. I am prepared to go through the process no matter how long it takes. Just happy to know that there is hope for me. Was beginning to think that I had reached my max potential and could go no further (pretty sad when you’re only 42, huh?). I am also looking forward to learning more ways to help cope with this as I know that the meds will only do so much. Funny how I need to learn so much about something that I have been fighting for my whole life. Thank you to all those who replied (and to those who thought about it but then procrastinated :wink:). :-)