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Re: Dispiriting news for high IQ ADDers…

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I think it’s interesting how ADD seems to work outside of the logic the IQ testers have based their testing on. This may lead to new testing methods…

Current IQ testing has a tendency to show a person’s potential abilities but completely fails to measure what they can do on an ongoing and consistent basis.

I can see how if you were able to stay focused for many hours on college work, that would be an indicator of your ability to stay on task and follow work through to completion in the future. Those are abilities that really do give you an edge in the working world.

It always made me so bitter how those people in school who I considered less intelligent would end up getting all their homework in and getting an A in the class even though I way outscored them on the exam! Looking back, maybe I did deserve a “C.” I just didn’t know what was holding me back from being on time to class and turning in homework so I could beat those annoying homework doing people.

I seriously felt like the system was setting me up for failure and the world was missing out on all my greatness. Unfortunately, my greatness didn’t translate into very many results, and I get why that makes me less valuable as a worker bee.

If only I could sell saxaphone solo’s for 1,000 bucks a piece, I’d be rich!!!