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Re: Does anyone here have impulse to buy things?

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I have several rules which I have tried to follow concerning purchases. They are simple and have worked for me in the past.

1. Only buy what you set out to buy. For example, if I go to the store to get groceries, I will think, “I go to the store two to three times a week.” So don’t buy two weeks worth of something perishable. Get several days worth and get more fresh on the next visit if needed. Don’t buy octopus just because it’s on sale. (It will never get eaten.) Figure for how many meals I am buying. If I am to be gone over the weekend and its Wednesday afternoon, I may only need to buy for two meals. Corollary: Don’t let anyone sell you something unless it’s something you were thinking of purchasing anyway. Then, you may want to apply rule 2.

2. Wait three days on all other purchases. This causes you to think, and stops most impulse buying in its tracks. You can also consider, “Will I still be happy with this purchase six months or a year from now.”

3. And now the dangerous exception. If you are absolutely certain that the “deal” cannot wait and it is truly a bargain which if not taken will result in a life filled with regret, buy it. For example, I grew up on the water. I love boats. I am a graduate of a yacht design school. I have crewed on a resored iron barque where I met my wife. I have built models of ships for display. So when I saw a one meter long model of the HMS Victory assembled and fully rigged for $150.00 which I knew could easily be worth ten to twenty times the asking price, I bought it. I also bought severl other model ships about the same time. This was several years ago. They are still packed in their original shipping boxes. One more project awaiting to be done, clearing space for them and getting display cases. But I glad I got them.

4. NEVER EVER get on anything where they automatically send you the item on a periodic basis and charge your card or bill you. It’s like getting cancer.

Any questions?