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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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Okay, BlackADDer, kick ass username!!! LOVE IT!

About inattentiveness:

I’m ignoring my kids now. LOL! Okay, for real:

I’m the kind of gal prone to purchasing gas (in places where you pre-pay) then driving off without actually pumping it. As far as daydreaming goes, there’s an episode I had in seventh grade that is my favorite to relate, because it explains sooo much:

I was sitting at my desk, and all of the sudden the girls around me start giggling. I asked them what the joke was. They told me they had been trying to get my attention for at least five minutes by waving their hands in front of my face. I was day-dreaming, just very intensely. That was my schtick in school, the day-dreamer, okay, still is my schtick.

I’m a very stream of consciousness talker, changing the subject or getting lost in the conversation, just because I can’t remember what I was talking about. and zone out in mid-conversation. It’s very hard to follow a conversation, and very embarrassing when I zone out and wake up to “what do you think?” “Uh, well, that’s interesting?” is a response that only gets me so far. Sometimes I have to ask them to repeat themselves, which irritates my friends immensely. I’ve learned to tell them that I’m really having a hard time with my ADD, and most of the good friends understand, but probably are still irritated.

My brother, who has ADHD and Esotropia (where your eye turns in when your focus changes), gets cross-eyed when he’s zoned out during conversations, because his focus changes when he’s “in the zone.”