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That’s a tough one to deal with Jennifer. I can’t give you any advice on when to throw in the towel, or whether you should.

I’m the ADD’er in my family. I had no idea how much my state (before I knew I had it, initially I went for help with a depression) affected my wife and my three year old son. She literally told me, that she can’t handle taking care of a kid and an adult, as if they were both her kids. I was supposed to help her raise our son, we chose to do so, when we decided to bring him into this world. If things were to continue like this, she would not live with me anymore.

If he’s in a cocoon like I was, he has no idea. He may think he’s the only one suffering and feel he’s not hurting anyone but himself by not taking care of this. I had my diagnosis at 38. So I have no idea what he has been through during childhood, concerning his ADD or the treatment he received.

My wife is .. there’s no words for it. She’s an amazing mom and has always been (and still is) very supportive, but she came to a point where she had to stand up for herself and our little guy.

Now that you’re beginning to understand a little about where he’s at, you may be able to find a way to let him know that he’s not the only one that suffers from his disorder. I hope you’ll be able to get through to him.

I’m sure one of the experts on here can help you with advice on what kinds of help you can get, to help you decide what path to take and where you should draw the line.

I wish you strength and understanding!