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Re: Famous People With ADD?

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weird. I saw a very similar list of “Famous people who have Dyslexia”. Many of the same names are on it. I question these lists. They seem to be compiled by people who are trying to make me feel better about my “gift”. (Like Wolverine said : “Gifts can be returned”)

I don’t give a flying (*$&%^T) if a million famous people have the same condition I do. All I want is to be happy. Just to see what that feels like. I just want to be happy.

Happiness to me is not being rich or famous. It is not having to constantly second guess myself, review my actions, run through list after endless list of piddly little details, so I don’t screw something else up.

My wife is always telling me I’m a Renaissance Man. So I am looking into jobs I can do by day to make money, and by night I look for something I like doing. Maybe if I find the right night job, I can quit my day job. It could happen.