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One specific answer I can give you re a “historic character” is Wilbur Wright.

Both Wilbur & Orville were dyslexic, both had a terrible time with numbers, both were “high school drop-outs.”

Many agree that their most important invention wasn’t the airplane. (Otto Lilienthal & Octave Chanute had already figured out the importance of curving the upper surface of a wing, and the Wrights borrowed heavily from their observations,)

What the Wrights did that no one else had was to create the “Wind Tunnel.”

This invention allowed them to experiment with all kinds of wing shapes BEFORE they flew. In effect, they “invented” the modern science of aerodynamics.


Once they had all their data, they had a hard time reducing it.

It was their sister Katherine (who HAD gone to College & was a teacher) who assisted them during this crucial period.

It is also said that Katherine funded the First Flight experiments (though there is some dispute over that fact).

But I digress… <vbg>