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FEARwidg….Please to meet you Glenn…I appreciate that you can be proud to present yourself but after seeing a video on this site (with Rick – which I think is hilarious!)…about being anonymous on the web and beeing, and saying nuts thing with that anonymity…..I explain why I prefer a nickname…

I personnaly still want to be anonmous because I still feel ashamed of things that I ‘m not able to do in my life because of ADD… since I’m not under good medications I cannot see the difference like you all seem to feel….I lost regurlar jobs (weel, I quit them in fact), I cannot pay my bills on time, feel sooo tired after cleaning the kitchen after supper (doh!), or simply washing clothes…because it can take me hours to get through…I know you can understand….

SO, here on this site…i feel a bit better by reading you all…thanks!…..