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Re: Feeling confused as always

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You are getting to the AH HA moment. Yes I love it when the mind stops racing…I can focus..I remember,My handwritting is better I can read it, I can spell much better.

There is a great difference between focus and hyper focus. I can HYPER FOCUS with out medication. This is because I am interested in the subject- or the subject can be stored in my brain- same results either way the information is retained. There is a patch to the brain cells that stores the memory. Just like computers there is an address buss in our brains. Our address buss works real well in some areas a super highway. In other areas its a dirt road and we are on a slow bumpy road.

It was impossible for me to focus on certain things..It just would not register. My medication helps me to focus in those areas that previously eluded me. ie the bunpy road is smoothed out .

And I know when the medication starts to wear off. I have learned to give my self slack. I don’t beat myself up anymnore.

I am a professional Engineer. The Anxiety of “memory lapses and “TYPOS” realy got to me. I have to sign and seal drawings. I’m financialy responsible. The diagnosis and meds have changed that.

I now understand , take my medicine and plan my work accordingly.