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Re: FINALLY!! Diagnosed this week

Re: FINALLY!! Diagnosed this week2012-02-26T04:26:08+00:00

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Ok RitaFaye – then I talk in ellipses a lot. *Someone* has called it “jabbering” during one of his less understanding moments. My brother does it far worse than I do, but OH NO, he has NOT got ADHD!! Basically if someone asks a simple question ie. What time would you like to leave the house? I can’t simply give the *someone* at time – I must go into great and elaborate detail about all the things that must be accomplished in order for me to leave the house. ;) It’s not that annoying when I do it – because I am not annoyed, but it’s terrible when big bro does it! lol

As for the unfinished projects, I put all my polymer clay on Freecycle and took the unopened counted cross stitch projects to the Sally Anne. They can be someone else’s guilt trip now.

I was never hyper either. The idea of me bouncing off walls is preposterous. I would have been to afraid of someone noticing me.

Gee, I’d better go finish tomorrow’s sermon now.