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Re: FINALLY!! Diagnosed this week

Re: FINALLY!! Diagnosed this week2012-02-25T09:58:22+00:00

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Hello RitaFaye

Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to read of the sadness you have had to deal with, but pleased you have a diagnosis now.

I was recently diagnosed as primarily inattentive. I am very inattentive – my psych thinks all my unfinished projects are due to my inattention rather than hyperactivity as mentioned by kc. But I think in my case it’s because I drift off and don’t get around to finishing rather than dynamically starting something new. On saying that I can’t sit still in meetings unless I have something to fidget with so I think I have a bit of the hyper in me. It wasn’t picked up when young so officially I am not hyperactive. When I queried my psychs conclusions she said that although I am primarily inattentive I also show some ‘symptoms’ in the other categories.

I do have the impulsive stuff going on though and that manifests itself by me being a drama queen and bad tempered. Caper helped me understand that part and I am grateful for that because I hadn’t really grasped that aspect before.

Sorry – don’t want to sound self-indulgent talking about myself but just trying to illustrate we all have different versions of it and we all have different quirks as a result.

Good luck with getting yourself on track again.