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Re: FINALLY!! Diagnosed this week

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Welcome, RitaFaye! Your back story reads a lot like mine – until the sledgehammer part. I’m so sorry about your husband – I can’t imagine what that must have been like, but of course it’s human nature to try, especially since your husband sounds very much like mine: engineer, linear, logical, and so on. I rely on him for so much that it is truly scary to think what I’d do without him.

I can only hope he feels I’m contributing something positive in return; that he likes the un-boring that I bring to the table. I sometimes worry I’m the personification of the old Chinese curse, the one that goes “May you live in interesting times.” The other day I felt compelled to begin my response to “how was your day?” with, “Well, you’re getting the story version, so pretend it’s really interesting.”

I’m so glad you got through all the hoops to get to your diagnosis. Your primary care doctor’s dismissive comment made me crazy on your behalf. Even if he thought it was depression, five years of depression is not OK! Glad you didn’t take that for an answer.