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I am going to go for Concerta next month. Probably 72mg once a day. That is roughly 16mg of Ritalin x3 a day. I am getting so confused with this Ritalin SR, plus 10mg BID!! I take the SR, and an additional 5mg when I wake up. Then I take another 5mg about 4 hours later. And then, need another 15mg to end my day since the SR lasts 8 hours! Ugh!!! SUPER CONFUSING! She said if I want Concerta I can, but she doesnt see why when Ritalin works just as well. But Concerta and Ritalin are the same! Well from all the research Ive been doing! So Im gonna give it until my meds run out and then go back. I have enough for this month, and then have refills for the next 2 months… but no. Im gonna ask for Concerta!

I now dont feel the effects of the med at all. I only know its worn off because I then seem to get very overwhelmed by little things and cant think clearly. Was I like this before? Or is this a side effect?