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Yeah that’s exactly what it feels like! My old symptoms coming back stronger!

Yesterday I think I over dosed myself again. Took my 5mg too early ugh!! It was HORRIBLE! It was ADD x100000! I had to drive my moms little Pontiac Sunfire, she has tinted windows and all this stuff hanging off her mirror. Shes short so had her seat right up to the steering wheel… I crammed in there face to the windshield! With the overdose, EVERYTHING got to me! EVERY little sound, EVERY colour, EVERY movement! So here I am crammed in, all these bright flashy things in my face, the sun in my face, the tinted windows blinding me! I was not happy! My husband was with me, I told him to get all those dumb decorations off the mirror, and I was very very cranky. I calmed myself down after I noticed I was panicking for no reason. Had to apologize to him. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t focus. There was just WAY too much going on! I took some deep breaths and calmed down. About an hour later I was OK again.

Today I MADE SURE I remembered the time I took them! Today I am sitting down and writing up a routine. I work in Geriatric care, we have to have everyone dressed, teeth brushed etc by breakfast, I’m going to do that for myself! Right now I don’t get out of bed until I HAVE to, and then I’m rushing around getting my son ready for school and I’ve been late! I’m going to use my work routine to help with my life routine and follow it! I’m glad I’ve done so many different jobs. Housekeeping taught me how to clean, being a cook taught me how to organize my food, workspace and cook, nursing, a life routine! hahaha If only my receptionist job helped me learn to how organize! hahaha Hey at least I can deal with complaints and juggle a lot of customers at once… Though that doesn’t help me in the home!

How is your coaching coming along?