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Hey Tyler. I too am 23 and married. Been together with him for 7 years, married for 4 and we have 2 kids. It hasnt been easy since we’ve been together so young, had kids young, plus not knowing about my ADD. Didnt know I had ADD till this year. I never stayed at a job more than a year, not because I wasnt good at it, but I just got too bored. My husband was always upset with me because he felt I never listened to him, and I am one of the ADD people who got into addictions… Though I was never addicted. I seemed to get bored too fast and give it up. I did a lot of drugs, I drank a lot of alcohol to the point where people were worried, but then I just stopped. Got bored, moved on. So ADD was good for that hahaha but still caused a lot of harm. Impulsiveness got me into a lot of trouble too. I thank God my husband is so patient and loving! I owe a lot to him. He has been very supportive.

I find with the meds I am able to follow a conversation without zoning out. I dont lose my train of thought while talking and I dont feel so scattered. Without them, I talk too fast and start to forget where Im going with the convo and then my speech starts to get jumbled. It really sucks. The meds put blinders on. I find my anxiety is gone while on them too. I am not overwhelmed by silly things and too many things going on at once. Medication wont fix your habits though. Its good to learn about the weaknesses and work on them. The meds can help you focus enough to do so. Im still learning too. But that has been my experience so far.