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Re: From Relief to Reality…

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Talk to your boss. There are things that you can do to over come AD/HD challenges at work. Strangely I’m dealing with some of those things here as I’ve just started down this road myself, the irony was this “Unfortunately, you’ll appear more transparent than you realize and others will wonder why you’re pretending that all is well. You don’t have to tell your whole story, but it’s helpful to, at least, acknowledge your dilemma.” I read horoscopes like I read the cartoons, but this today, resonated in my mind and when I read your post I felt like I (as an AD/HD Leo) needed to share it.

Identify the challenges, how you can over come them, what/who you need to make it happen, and put the plan into place. The worse thing that can happen is that they fire you, but I don’t think they would.

Great luck!!