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Brett – amen on the “opportunity cost.” I’m 42 and just diagnosed. Although I’m fortunate to be where I am in my career (considering my almost complete lack of ability to focus), I’ve always wondered why I wasn’t further along. Why I hadn’t been promoted, etc, etc. And I too am lucky to be surrounded by supportive people, both in my personal life and in my career.

But, yeah, those nagging questions. How would I have done in high school? Would I have gotten into Yale instead of UGA? Would I have gone to business school? The list goes on and on.

I am really encouraged however, to hear that your improvement with medicine has been good. I’m still waiting to see what they will put me on….and just really wondering, “what will it feel like to focus for the first time ever?”

And the only thing I have to offer about the feeling of “what could have been” is a core belief I have that everything we do is just “steps on a path.” Right now, I’m choosing to have some hope and trying (hard) to let go of the past. To let the old voices die away.

Thanks for offering your story.