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Re: Funniest ADD Moment — What's yours?

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Oh, I hate the picking something up and not remembering thing. I have done that SO many times. I even threw away my paycheck several times because I can’t stand paper around the house; if things are too cluttered I cannot think. My poor husband has fished more than one paycheck out of the garbage after I SWORE I did not throw it away. Now whenever anything disappears around my house he tells me that I am guilty until proven innocent, because I just do not remember or do not see it in front of me.

Just today I drove up to the health club convinced I had left my phone there because I couldn’t find it in my purse. I also blew off a doctor appt because I was running so late I realized I was too embarrassed to show up, and since I didn’t have my phone, couldn’t call to let them know. No phone at the health club. Got home and looked in my purse again that I had looked in three times. And there it was.

When my next door neighbors first moved in, I went over to introduce myself. After a lovely chat, I went home. An hour later my neighbor knocked on my door and asked me if I had somehow picked up her keys. She couldn’t find them anywhere. I said no, of course.

Six hours later as I was getting ready for bed I took off my shorts and put my hand in my pocket and found…her keys. I was so embarrassed giving them back to her. I was sure she thought I was a klepto and/or a liar who had made a copy of her key and planned to walk into her house the next time she left! I would not have blamed her if she had changed the locks! :-)

It is so hard to be me!