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Re: Funniest ADD Moment — What's yours?

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It’s all the time, I just need to remember to right down some of the stuff.

We have quick minds. One time my daughter, her big brother, n his girlfriend were visiting me. I was in “clown mode” a little bit hyper. I love watching all kinds of science stuff. Used to have the discovery channel, Science channel, all those brainy channels. I love physics n I’ve read about all different kinds of new age spirituality and a handful, (big handful) of religions. so I’ve got a lot of true material to work with in my head. I mix in unbelievable but possible Incredibly amazing untruths into some of my long rambling “philosophical” discussions. About 6 or 7 times in a row, I went off on one of my tangent and mixed in a bunch of goofy exaggerations. After one of them asked me “really” “is that seriously true?” the 3rd or 4th time I would look at them and say “nope, I made all that up” with a look like a little kid who just tricked his parents on my face.

These poor kids nearly fell off my couch laughing. It was one of the best visits I’ve had. I lived in a hellish very crime ridden drug infested poor neighborhood at the time. Most of my neighbors were drug addicts, drug dealers, or just very poor and very mizerable. It’s miracle I survied living there 3.5 years. One time there was a shootout in my front yard. I scrambled to try to get it on video with my web cam!!!! what an idiot huh? There must have been 15 cop cars there within 20 minutes. (it took a long time for the cops to show up in that neighborhood)

I made the best of it. I wish I could remember some of those silly crazy stories.