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Re: Getting really tired of this

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allan wallace
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Hmmm, work, eh? I’m unemployed at the moment-again-and I just don’t seem able to hold a job down. I’ve had a history of having an attitude of ‘insubordination’ and generally don’t work well under dictatorial or bomabstic types, but when I’ve had a decent boss who is reasonable I have worked quite well. I get bored so quickly and usually find it difficult to get to work on time, and often took ‘sickies’. I’ve had all types of jobs and have detested all of them. I’ve never had a promotion, and 2 years is the longest that I’ve ever stuck a job out for. I have secretly wished that I could be like everybody else and just ‘got on with it’ when in the clutches of a gulag, but cannot abide the way workplaces operate. The brown-nosing and backstabbing which has pervaded every place that I’ve worked at has sickened me, and I wonder if a job even exists where I could just do what I had to do without all of that unnecessary bullshit…