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Re: Grieving the losses – AGAIN

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Hey I am right there with you. I gave up taking any medicationa and even went through a serious period of denial about whether I even had ADD. I am now getting tested again and it is all because about a month ago I hit rock freakin bottom and had no where to turn. I have been leaning heavy on my wife since then to help me get out of the hole I have dug. For the first time in about 8 years my life is heading in a truley posotive direction. I am not yet back on a medication but I am certain I soon will be as my inattention and impulsivness has increased exponentially over that last few years. The best thing I have found is to find someone to have a completely open relationship with, someone you can just talk to and get out all the things that irritate you. For me it is my wife for you it could be a freind or what ever you want, as a kid it was my dog LOL. I have been bullied beat up and knocked down for being ADD people dont understand at all what it is like and how overly frustratiing it can be to never feel level. Also I find my biggest help comes from working out, it get rid of the energy and the frustration I feel as well as helps me to sleep. I know it may seem like a lot but just go for a long walk or a run or something that will make you wear out ya know. It doesnt have to be some elaborate plan if you dont work out already here is what I do when I cant make it to the gym or out on my bike.

1-3 mile run

4 sets of 25



standing squats

and hip thrusters

so it for fun if its to much do 2 sets or what ever you can make it what you want and it will help you to clear your mind. It iwll get better and I know this may seem dumb but feel free to get ahold of me if you have any questions about what I am talking about.

Stay strong, Stay posotive, And believe in you!!!!!!!!