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Re: High pain tolerance, ok, but why?

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I have also always had a high pain threshold but not keen on the experience of pain either way- just thought it was because I kept getting beat up as a kid so was seasoned- no idea it could be associated with my “special brain.” LOL the stuff you learn in this forum!

During labour with my first child I had the mistaken belief that drugs were a bad idea so told the nurses no epidural for me. After a “long” 14 hours and extreme exhaustion and still no baby one of the nurses asked “now why exactly don’t you want an epidural?’ I confessed “i’m afraid of the needle!” I’ll spare the description of my tearful, exhausted, plaintiff wailing! Anyhow the kindly nurse said ‘”ok that’s it – I’ve had two & I survived” and swiftly hauled me off ( well gurneyed me off) to wherever the resident needle probing guru was and all ended well some hours later. Pain forgotten by the time the little wonder emerged. Otherwise who the heck would go through that again!?

Well Fast forward a couple of years and me delivering #2 – I walked into that hospital with arms outstretched saying “ok where are the drugs – I want drugs…”

This time they were all business and kept telling me “but you’re tolerating the pain so well.” Me: “I don’t care – give me drugs!” Well I did eventually get an epidural but ended up with complications. I think I could have tolerated more pain but the idea of the potential discomfort was enticing enough to avoid it altogether and go for medication.

I have no need to be a martyr , I’m happy to take any medicine for a headache, back ache, whatever – as long as I remember where I put the bottle:-)