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Re: How do you “see” words and numbers?

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I wanted to bump this up to see if my way of seeing numbers, letters, and dates is normal for ADDers or if it’s due to somehting else or if I’m just wierd lol

Since probable about age 4 I have seen numbers and letters as certain colours. 5 is orange, 2 is a greenyblue, four is a purply blue and eight is red. The letter L is dark blue, M is a pinky red and N is a reddish orange, etc…

Dates are where it really gets wierd. In order to think of a date I picture an entire year, I visualize a calendar which is like a huge loop like a doughnut shape with January at the bottom left, June at the top, etc… This shape can be rotated, looked at upsidedown sideways etc… Months aren’t certian colours though because words are never a certain colour. Only individual letters. Same with numbers. A phone number for example isnt a colour but if I’m having to put numbers together like doing math for example each number is a certain colour.

The wierdest of all is that when I go to write a word or a series of numbers like a phone number or address I will find myself writing a random letter that isn’t even part of the word for example.

Do any of your have similair expereinces?