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Patte Rosebank
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Saturday night was an amazing night for me! I performed at a sold-out fundraiser in Oshawa. I’d been hand-picked by a performer I’d admired ever since I was a kid, to perform in her place, because she’d been double-booked and couldn’t be in Oshawa and in Ottawa at the same time. The similarity of the place names gave me a great idea for my comedy material (namely that my character’s very stupid sister had been in charge of the performer’s travel arrangements, and had messed up). The performer and I collaborated on creating more material to explain why I was there and she wasn’t. And she phoned me just before she left for Ottawa, to wish me all the best and say that she wanted to know all about it when she returned.

On Saturday night, I did about 15 minutes as my character (who had a very thick Slavic accent, and recited some terrible poems that she’d written in her capacity as her country’s poet laureate). Then, I changed into a pretty dress and returned as myself, to sing some showtunes & standards. At this point in the evening, we had what are known in the business as “technical difficulties”.

The hall was rather old, and had a rather old CD player. So partway through my first song, the backing tracks CD went screwy. I made some jokes about the situation, while they put the CD into a different CD player, and it worked fine until partway through the second song, when a fuse blew, shutting off the CD player’s power source. My response to this was, “I think somebody’s trying to tell us something. Is there anybody here who can perform an exorcism?” (At the event were two priests and a bishop, who especially enjoyed this joke.) Then I said, “Well, I’m not giving up my money note. I’ll finish the song a capella.” And I did. The audience loved it, and so did I, because for once, my glorious voice didn’t have to share the spotlight with those pesky backing tracks.

The pianist then offered to accompany me live, and I said, “Hey, improv! Cool!” Just as we were about to start, they fixed the fuse, and the CD player returned to life. I did my songs, and everyone had a great time. It’s funny how much audiences enjoy seeing performers having to adapt to technical difficulties.

After the show, many people came up to me and said they couldn’t believe how I’d been able to just laugh things off, when the CD players were acting up. That was when it occurred to me that most “normal people” (i.e., people in the corporate world—the ones who have a greater fear of giving a speech in front of an audience than they do of dying) would have been having ten fits over such things. I saw it happen plenty of times when I worked among the “normals”. But me, I just improvise jokes about it, while I figure out what to do next. This is because (a) I studied improv at the Second City, so I have the skills; and (b) what earthly good would it do me to get upset over it? I’d only make myself look bad, and make the audience feel uncomfortable.

Looking back, I’d say that having ADHD is a definite asset. At least, it was on Saturday night in Oshawa!