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wow !! the bishop 72!! thats how my head works and i too am able to do anythin i put my hand to but for verry short lived time, many things are so natural for me to do and it baffles me that others are so slow to do or see things, i beleive i am right too, things are concrete in my brain and i will fight to the last to prove it, obcviously this is not recieved verry well by head goes million miles an hour and if im not zoning out all the time then i am physically running round million miles an hour too, jumping from one thing to the next.. everthing you described is my head too…i have been diagnosed verry recently and am on meds for two months so far, too early for big change but i have the same struggle you do, have tried many things and had many big ideas the same too and can nver finish a single one of them.. if i too only know what to do,something that would last and hold my attention..its soul destroying not being able to channel it for any lenght of time..its depressing and not to mention the complete lack of functioning in my day to day life.. my god it such releif to see your story written on this site as i too have the verry same head.. im 35 and am feeling time is going verry quickly and i hope that i have some chance at fullfillling some creative path too(i can paint, draw, make music, talk alot).i have had too many years spent on failing to follow a single thing through to finishing piont..i am verry quick to anger too, i get so frustrated with people and i never knew why, i just knew that my brain and my logic was right. as i could see the thinking behind things at a much quicker rate than other and am quick to pick things up..its still early days so hopefull meds make some big diffrence to me.what you described is a few of the many things it entails being adhd and i identify with what you did say..