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Re: Impulsivity vs compulsivity question

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*little off-topic, perhaps*

I’m in a group right now getting educated on ADD as a part of my treatment. It’s there where I found out how many facets there are to this disorder. I recognize my symptoms in the others, but scattered across the whole group. We have so many similarities, but none of them have the exact same form as anyone else in the group.

Simplification is the only way to get a grasp on understanding what you’re looking for, but the stereotypes never match any of us completely.

I am learning so incredibly much about myself, through the group and through this site, that being clear can be even more overwhelming than ‘road-running’ through my thoughts was, before I got diagnosed.

I’m not sure if my little puns come across as cynical or anything. I’m mostly making fun of myself, but I’m sure you get that :)

There’s no way to show you how grateful I am for your contributions, without getting an immediate manic attack! ;)

I guess that’s the emotional rollercoaster, for ya!

So, thank you!