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Re: Irony

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Hi All!

Glad “Heads Up” on time change helped……….YOU.

3 ADHDers-In my home-cud NOT figure what real time was.

Had to text-my patient-non ADHD-GREAT friend-for NEW time.

Husband-1 hour late-to work:(

FANTASTIC=to be in touch with so many WONDERFUL=ADHDers!

Luv the contact

Beignet: Should you search for a new Doctor to trouble shoot and problem solve=new medication?

Hate to think of=hard time=untreated ADHD!

In ur 5 min. late post=I am chronically late

Time management=sucks!

Late now=for son’s drum lesson :(

BUT=AM ALSO=Behavior Specialist

Can train self=even ADHD self=to do it=Be on time:)


1) pick small first step: take average minutes late to ONE routine appointment/responsibility i.e., work in the AM.

2) first goal=3/5 days reduce average late minutes by 5.

3) second goal=4/5 ” “

4) third goal=5/5 ” “

5) fourth goal=3/5 days reduce average late minutes by 7.

6) plug in same sequence from above, until on time each day.

7) motivate on time behavior by=giving self=something fantastic=each on time day=each week goal met

8) tell someone=be accountable

9) have clocks visible=EVERYWHERE

10) break down steps=each step=for getting out of house in AM=starting with wake up=allot allowed time to each=to make work on time

11) have list of each step=place allowed time next to step=with goal time for completion=mark off=when step completed=in time

12) place visual reminders=all over=on bathroom mirror=fridge=clock=door=etc.

13) once on time=for one month=AM work arrival=add next on time goal=new goal=i.e., bed on time=or when meeting friends.

14) start from beginning with it=average late minutes=reduce by 5=3/5 or some number=that will allow=wiggle room=not perfect at first.

15) break it all down=reminders visible=something special=for you=for on time=goal met.

16) keep OTHER person=to whom u r accountable.

WOW! great idea=I think I will try it.

Gotta fly=off to make drum lesson………5 minutes reduced lateness for me today :)

AWESOME 2 chat!

Thanks 4 being out there!