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im 26 and in a similar position my main problem is getting the clinical diagnosis i need my GP agrees it is most probably ADHD but there is only 1 ADHD specialist that we know of in england and getting to see him is proving impossible (due to NHS funding). I was being medicated on respiridone that was making me overly tired ( i slept for 2 days) not good when you have a 16 month old daughter to look after then i was put on oxcarbepazine which seemed to be working to an extent but then i found out i was pregnant so the meds were stopped (now 12 weeks pregnant) due to dangers to baby :( i am now unmedicated and struggling with the “temper tantrums” or “mood swings” and my brain working overtime i feel very stuck and very alone. My husband is great and does his best but i still feel iscolated. any help suggestions would be great.

thanks Vixter XX