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I am also just diagnosed my self, I am 21 years old.

The reason i diagnosed my self is because i know my self better then any one else, ” the answer was for any one wondering why i didnt seek professional help”

I also found my self to be ” DIFFERENT” from all my peers since i was in school and doing activity’s. I guess i would call my self lucky that i fought with my self for so long that i actually know when i am spacing out and when my head is skipping with subjects that are relevant to what i am trying to listen to or pay attention to. This made me actually happy knowing that i have add, because for the longest time i have been beating my self up to be better and try harder. Well for the most part it wasnt easy, my biggest issue is Inattentive part is the worst part. I am in and out of, like a cameras focus thats gone crazzy almost lol.

I take this disorder to be to my advantage you could say, because i am a big subconsciousness thinker which also explains why i am such a different thinker then a lot of people. Every thing has a down side, i cant stop thinking which overwhelms me all day long, it feels like im boxing Muhammad Ali in my head and i am also my own drill sargent so i am constently yelling at my self ” stop thinking and pay attention, pay attention, stop focus to the convo, stop stop….” I also feel like my spiritual energy is at a low all day long so im drinking coffee or energy drinks. The only thing that i would like to do is try to focus on my school work, the thing with me is that i want to learn and i want to focus but my head just wonders of on its own and then comes the discouragment.

I also misplace my car keys or my cell phone, i cant find it sometimes for 15 mints and if my life depended on it i would die probably but then after doing that for so long. I just learned to go back to the places i have been in the last 10 mints and after a little searching its usually in front of me lol.

I dont want to get on medication because i have done my research on medicine that work on your mental issues and its scary as hell. i think i rather deal with my self rather then do my self more bad then good. I have one question if any one paid enough attention to this last part but my questions. Does weed really help with ppl with ADD?, I dont really need info from articals but personal opinions.

Thanks for taking your time to read something about me.

and i am glad to have ADD :)