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Re: Just watched this program and have some questions, help please

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Hey there, just read your post…..well communicated and articulate, as are the responses. I am an adult male ADD’er as well who appears to have some similar qualities. I find myself all over on this site too, not everywhere, but in many places. We have similarities and differences like any and everybody else. I urge you (as others have) to educate yourself on this subject. There is no substitute for awareness (in my mind). If and or when your find a professional you can work with (it may take some searching) the more you can share with them about you the more you will get back from them. A was a Pshyc Major and in counseling for years and I understand the more you can give your guide the more they can give back!! A nice side bar for me was the more I understood about myself the less hmmmm… anxious I was about my difference. I still know I’m different but would not change it if I could.

So, learning about your difference can also show you the positives about brains that function like ours do. There are many many great attributes to brains like ours, but they are generally misunderstood but the majority of society and ourselves, but they are there. I encourage all to seek the positives we are endowed with and exploit them to the max. You are a musician, as am I. Not wanting to generalize but the “soft arts” seem to be a comfortable place we land in. Music was not my occupation but I cannot imagine a world without music. My house has always been full of it, my gown up children still love that!! Now that I’m retired I can indulge myself in music to my hearts content. I also draw (when the spirit moves me), I built custom motorcycles and people are amazed at the beautiful things I produce. I owe that to my ability to hyper-focus and my visionary brain. I can see things clearly before I start. I have gift for aesthetics and color….all of which I feel I owe to ADD. However I can’t balance a check book, I write as I am now with an electronic dictionary open……duh!!!! Hahahahaha……I know I’m shitty at somethings…many things that others do with ease, but I also excel at many things that others cannot fathom. I just eventually accepted some of those shortcoming, I learned how to mange others, and I’m ADD and Loving it!!!!

Your good with people, me too. People seek me out to talk to. I can listen for long periods of time and have empathy. i can offer insites that they wonder at. I can also be crusty, and usually am. It takes while to know me, I’m not an open book, and I’m fine with that. I’m often judged at first blush in a negative way, but those who stick around and get to know are amazed at who i am and they are generally friends for life. I have few friends, but many acquaintances (had to look this up forgot the c) hahahha. so I am easy on myself, I’m a good guy, a good father and a fair partner. My kids still call me up and come over and they are in their 20/30s with their friends. Their friends can’t believe that they can just come in our home and just be who they are, and hang out. They tell my kids they are envious of our relationship. Our house is different, our relationships are different NOT LESS….DIFFERENT.

So yes get educated while your searching…..do not stop there keep learning, self awareness set me free.

A great read is Fully Human Fully Alive….I found it to be a wonderful book on perspective. Perspective is Reality.

By the way the answer is…..2.756834 chords of wood in exactly 3 hours!!!! Hahahahahha