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I agree, as a person 48 years of age am very thankful for the Internet. It has opened a door of knowledge gathering and education beyond imagination. I unfortunately fell through through the cracks while in the grades of k-12 and because I was not a person with ADHD that ran through the halls or continuously blurted out answers every 3 seconds I was not classified. Also because of my family (for a variety of reasons) were so busy with there lives (and maybe struggling also) and maybe partially because of there lack of knowledge they never had me tested. Today it is very different. teachers are trained to look out for signs and symptoms, parents are more aware of the signs and in general the health care community as a whole is as well.

Even with all those measures in place the internet offers a tremendous amount of information about ADHD. Sure can one spend to much time on the computer? YES! Just like many spend to much time watching TV, playing farmville, playing wii, eating, shopping and etc. Moderation Is very important. Does gaining education and knowledge about a pressing issue that is effecting my life and those around me qualify me to spending a large amount of my time on the computer? Yes! Because of ADHD all aspects of my life have been impacted “All”. So for me I have had to gain knowledge to better myself and those around me.

I just 3 years ago visited a psyche and testing center etc and was diagnosed ADHD and because i was just labeled and did not fully understand ADHD it really meant very little. It was only after stumbling onto this sight after a continual downslide that i have really been educating myself. Which in my case includes the use of a Therapist and Meds. To be honest although I can point to hundreds of examples to my immediate family members why I have ADHD besides the formal diagnosis they I believe are in denial. Not only do I have ADHD it is amazing the obvious sings and symptoms they have exhibited and continue to struggle with today. It is a shame that because of this denial they are missing out on the joys of life they should be living. How do i know this, Because I was involved with someone whom filled in all my blank took control of my life instead of trying to educate me and afford me options to fix myself. Unfortunately as I research more and more it is not uncommon for one like me to fall into a relationship like that where one is taken advantage of,,, Oh by the way after using me up for all my physical creative and unique outgoing personalities for this persons selfish gains I was cast aside. Had I known about ADHD maybe, just maybe I would have been better prepared against that so I would not have become a burden on society but an asset as I once was.

Now once full of information it will be necessary for me to take it to “better” or in my case almost completely “reinvent” myself. (Oh but wait my procrastination and anxieties may be one of the signs and symptoms) AHHH I never new that nor did I realize that some of my struggles regarding basic life function were so affected by 48 years of an undiagnosed neurobehavioral developmental disorder but they have. (Oooppss.. don’t mean to offend anyone).. And to be honest I have a feeling I may not be the only one that visits this and other sites that struggle with ADHD. I bet from some of the posts I have seen many are here because they even suffer worse than I because of lack of shared knowledge and education. So if they want to spend time here and surf and use other sites to gain knowledge or even gain relief from some of there symptoms of ADHD by all means I hope they Use the Internet for there benefit.