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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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I’ve been on Concerta for over a year now. I have two different doses. One for days where I’m going to want to be very focussed and I know it’s going to be routine or boring or involve a lot of listening. The lower dose for when it’s going to be a fun day and I just want to make sure I’m present, clear, and not feeling overwhelmed. (I used to do the same thing with coffee. Four one the slow days, two when I was zooming. And of course Caffeine does the same thing. In fact, when people say, “Doesn’t a stimulant medication make you more hyper and crazy?” I now ask, “Have you ever seen people sitting around a Starbucks? After they’ve had their stimulant? Are they bouncing off the walls? Or able to focus and read and do work in a noisy environment?” Concerta is not cheap. But it’s about the same as those two cups of coffee cost me. Without all the calories! Ha ha! (Oh, and when I forget to take my Concerta in the morning, which happens at least once a week, I don’t have a headache like I would when I missed my coffee.)