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Re: Meds and Caffeine and/or alcool

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Well, I know this post was a month ago, but I need to share this with you guys.

After taking Ritalin for 2 weeks, I had to re-visit my family doctor to see if I should be taking this drug or not. I told him I am seeing no negative side-effects. In fact, I thought it was changing my life. I could finally cook supper without forgetting a pot on the stove, or forgetting I’m making supper and wander off in another room and clean, or get on the phone, etc. You get the point :)

However, I did notice that on the couple occasions where I had a coffee in the middle of the day I felt too energetic to function and my heart was racing very fast. However, Isn’t that what coffee is supposed to do anyway, especially if you only have 5-6 cups a week?

Well, I share this with my doctor, and because of that comment he told me that Ritalin is absolutely not right for me and its working as a stimulant for me (like speed or cocaine would, as he described it) “This doctor will never prescribe you this drug again” Is what he told me exactly.

Well, didn’t I ever feel like I was being treated like a drug addict that only wanted to be prescribed drugs so I can get a high!

I didn’t argue with him, but I do feel like Ritalin did have a positive impact on my life. Do you guys think he is right, or should I go see someone else for a second opinion?

I’m going to see my psychologist tomorrow and will see what she thinks.