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i agree, i am miffed at such a late diagnoses (35)yet all the classic things said to me while in schools…even therapists over the years would piont out how i talk so much and that i just jump from subject to subject and dont focus in the sessions..this has made me so aware of how i am that i feel i cant be me anymore and i just try to keep a lid on it all, everyone pionts out how i am over the top and hyper , they have said these things for years and i feel crushed really….adhd has destroeyd my life and i am just on meds two months and it too early to see big change.. i get so depressed with how i too can start so many good ideas but to repeatedly stop them as quick as i start them.. i feel that adhd undiagnosed for so long has destroeyd my life, i feel beaten, even today as i am so scared to start any good ideas now because i feel such a failure from not being able to ever finish anything, people joke constantly how i never finsih anything, i laugh with them but it depresses me badly inside.. i dont understand how people function on a normal level at all, how do people maintain there homes and do all the shopping for food and laundry etc and have jobs and hold them down and maintain any kinds of relationshiips.. i have become reclusive over the years and i know its good i been diagnosed now, but i fear it too late or that what if meds dont work for me.. i on strattera on low dose and just increased this week.. i tryin to be positive but i have all my life felt so different and frustrated aat myself that i am now in a fairly big hole, i am on antidepressants too and seein a physocologist.. i joined this becasu i know nooone else who has this too and feel verry isolated..thankyou for your posts