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thanks for that.. yes your absolutely right, to look at the positive and see that although on one hand it seems so late in life for a diagnosis that there is still lots of life left! your right and i do forget to look at the good, i am too seein that my negative feelings seem to be subsiding since taking strattera..i have been on antideprssants for a year now but the difference when i started meds for adhd had a different effect again, the agro i feel inside is gettin less intense and i although i still have verry little patience when people talking to me it is gettin a little better, i can listen for short moments at a time..i will take on bouard what you said too about not taking on any big projects or tasks as its probably good idea to take things slowly.. i tend to want results instantly! and i cant move my hands or mouth as quick as the pattern in my head..

i relate also to your guilt about holding your parnter back, i too feel that its such a shame for my pertner to be going through this, but then i guess if they have stayed this long then the prospects of things improving due to meds and therepy then it surely gives them some hope, they wouldnt have stayed till now surely if they thought we awfull people?! i do have moments of feeling really bad about it all the same..again i must try and see the positives in this area..

myb my grieving peroid over the life i lost due to late diagnosis is perhaps not so intense, probably due to meds , i am also oercoming my issues of being on meds in the first place, i now accept alot more that adhd is not somethin that can be mended with out help, be it meds or therepist or both.. im gettin over it, and besides its my quality of life im tryin to improve and noone elses..thanks for your positivity and encouragement! its good to be reminded by others in the same boat..thankyou