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Thank you, Tea! Cheers.

I went to my doc’s office again. I had to wait an hour and a half, which makes me really glad I brought a book along, but I actually saw him in person this time. Forgot what I was going to say again, so I babbled a bit, I think. I found out my mother visited two days ago and brought up my thoughts of taking a break from university for a year. Didn’t really explain myself well.

There was a strange focus on my sexuality, the fact that I like guys, and how I should be more open about it? Not sure. I don’t really make a big deal about the whole thing, but it’s apparently important. There were results from that test last time. Didn’t really see them, but he did mention about my introversion and how I’m withdrawn.

I brought up my concerns of ADD and assessment, but he says he doesn’t think my inattentiveness is from ADHD, but rather depression. He says he’s seen some patients with ADHD and cites their hyperactivity, like they can’t sit still or something like that. I’m not sure what I was supposed to say, like how I don’t think I have much of the hyperactive subtype and anyway most of adult ADD is internal or something but I felt uncomfortable acting like I knew more about it than he did because he’s the psychiatrist after all so I just went, “Okay.”

Did mention the medication bit, and I think I’m just going to continue on it for now. He says the side-effects will wear off eventually.

No clue what I’m supposed to do now in terms of ADD assessment. Was I palmed off with the easy diagnosis of depression? Maybe he’s right? I still think I have ADD though. I’m seeing him again next week. I’m feeling like I should give up on this route for now or go along with the flow and see if I improve any, like if it’s really just depression, and if not, mention how I’m not improving.