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Thank you so much, guys. :D

Scattybird, you helped clear some of my self-doubt and your advice is simply excellent. It’s a great reply and I’m really glad for it because it really feels like you’re paying attention and you understand my situation.

ashockley55, I did see your threads! I didn’t reply because by the time I did, everyone else already said what I wanted to say. I totally relate to your situation and sympathize. Good luck with your own diagnosis!

toofat, I agree with what you’re saying. My weekly sessions with the psychiatrist also involve talk therapy, I think, but so far we haven’t really done anything extensively. We’ve only met two times so far though. Before I finally saw a psychiatrist, I was seeing the university counselor for a few months already, just to talk. It really helped me out then, when I was struggling with a lot of things. I haven’t found a copy of <i>I’m not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid</i> but it does seem like a very good book. I’m gonna bring a book every time I go for my session now! Those waiting rooms really do exist for a reason.